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50th Anniversary Yearbook

As part of our 50th anniversary class reunion, we have created a 50th anniversary yearbook.

The final version of the 2022 yearbook is now available for download. To get your copy, click the link below to view the PDF file in a web browser and then use your browser to download a copy.

Download Yearbook

There were 511 classmates represented in the original 1971 yearbook. Of those, the 50th anniversary yearbook includes the 208 classmates that responded plus 62 of those we know are no longer with us.

That leaves 241 additional classmates that either didn't respond or for whom we have no contact information.

We plan to continue to update this yearbook on an annual basis. Those who have not yet responded can use the button below to submit their information for a future edition. (Those who are already in the current edition can also use this button to submit updated information for a future edition.)

Submit Yearbook Info

We would also like your help in tracking down those for whom we have no contact information.

After reviewing this edition of the yearbook, please do the following:

  • Please see the Missing Classmates page to help us find information about those classmates for whom we have no contact information.

  • If you know of a classmate who has died and you have a copy of their obituary (or know where it was published), please contact us, so that we can honor them in the yearbook.

  • If you wish to change anything in the listing you already submitted, simply submit updated information (by using the submission page).


50th Reunion CHS Class of 1971
Cranford, NJ

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